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A naturally nutritious sow milk replacer, specially formulated from milk proteins and lactose to supplement mom’s milk, if required. Dissolve 110 grams powder into 1 litre of water.
Super Pre Starter
A naturally nutritious, specially formulated starter feed to ease the change from mom’s milk to solid feed. It can be fed dry-mixed into porridge for very young piglets. Super Pre-Starter can be fed from 3 days old until weaning.
A naturally nutritious baby piglet creep feed in pellet form, to be fed to piglets in the farrowing unit and for ten days past weaning. ASA 1 can be fed from 2 weeks of age to 12 kg live weight. A minimum intake of 6 kg per pre-weaner piglet is recommended.
A naturally nutritious follow-on feed to be fed to piglets for 10 days after ASA 1. ASA 2 can be fed from 5 weeks of age to 20 kg live mass. A minimum intake of 8 kg ASA 2 feed per piglet is recommended.
A naturally nutritious feed for piglets up to 70 days of age. ASA 3 can be fed from 5 weeks of age to 32 kg live weight. A minimum intake of 15 kg ASA 3 per piglet is recommended.

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